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The Dead (Sweden)

the Dead live 27 September 2013 @ Club Corazon Östersund
In the 27th september of 2013 The Dead (Local punkgroup) was playing with the Shitfucks and some hipster punk group called Knivderby (didnt bother to see them because i think they are awful)
I had a few beers on the way to the gig so i wouldnt need to spend a fortune on expensive beer, When i arrived it was crowded with people and the first band were the Shitfucks, no one in the band knew how to play any instruments but they pulled it of great anyways and got everyone in the mood.
The second band playing were The Dead, as soon as they got up on the stage and started playing some got up from the tables and joined the mosh, In the corner of my eye i notice that someone who had to much to drink gets smacked and falls out of his chair.
The Dead were absolutely brilliant and managed to get a decent mosh.
When the Dead finished their set i went out from the gig and straight to the pub where i met up with some friends.
Another thing to mention is that the punk scene in Östersund is pretty small but it is quality bands coming from it.
By Jimmy öststorm

Feckin Ejits

The feckin Ejits were formed in 1982, amidst the full on punk skinhead scene in Aylesbury. England. The main venue in town being Friars had a regular stream of the top punk and 2tone bands coming through, so it only felt natural a local band should get involved.


Largly due to the fact he couldn’t live in his home town of Bedford, because the local crew had a few run ins with the local authority. ( A riot)

Released from jail the police oppression being to much, Aidan sniffing a bit of skirt found himself involved in the local Aylesbury scene.


The explosion of Oi in 1981, saw punk move into a more aggressive street sound than the earlier Punk, so over a few beers, a few mates decided to form their own band, well it sounded like more fun than doing your dole cheque every week on someone elses gig. Des Bhatt- bass,  Neil Ledbury- Guitar, Alex Morison – Guitar, Dave wood on drums  and Aidan Sterling Lead shouter agreed that the time was right to show the punk scene how to do it


The musical influence based purely on the stuff they liked to hear themselves, meaning 100mph punk, but with catchy sing along choruses, a sprinkling of psychobilly and a pinch of Irish folk.


“Lets just play what we like hearing, if people don’t like it, well tough luck, we won’t last long” Says Aidan


The Ejits didn’t intend to change the world. They weren’t looking for a revolution or to be featured in the latest Kings Road fashion magazine. If a few mates turned up had the Craic and the band got a few free beers in the process. Good enough result.


Aylesbury, not exactly brimming with high quality venues, one of the lads girlfriends worked in a coffee shop. Convincing the owner this band might be able to shift a few coffee’s, the owner agreed to some light entertainment.


With a quid for the soundman entry fee, the doors opened to over 100 of the local punks and skinheads, Cider under the jacket, vodka down the girls knickers, the party began. The total of 6 songs were ready, but the crowd were going mental after the 20 min set was done, so the lads just cracked into rehearsal tunes, like Rupert the bear and knees up mother brown, then repeated the whole set again.


The lads threw all they had into having a blast and enjoying themselves, and it rubbed off on every one, the beer flying, mental disorder at the front, and good natured aggression and grins.


Word spread like wild fire, and within a few gigs people started showing up from all the surrounding areas, High Wycombe, Oxford, Reading, Bedford and London.


They built up a large and loyal following of punks skinheads and flat tops with a bit of every other sort of youth too and the Ejit crew went everywhere the band did, taking their brand of knees up mayhem where ever they went.

The diversity of bands they shared the stage with shows the wide appeal of the Ejits. The Pogues, king Kurt, the Vibrators, Dr Feelgood. Peter and the test Tube babies, Uk Subs Exploited, meteors The Business and many more. Crossing barriers into Oi, Punk, Psychobilly and Pub Rock. The Ejits weren’t out of place, mainly because of the infectious party atmosphere they always created. The Craic was had by all



They only released two tracks on an album. The Picket song and Ejit party, both on this is oi album (Link records)


Mainly due to the fact that all the money they ever earned went on a few rounds with the very people who’d bought the tickets, there was never any money to go into studios and record. The band just blasted it out live, the crowd went mental, and everyone woke the next day in some squat surrounded by empty bottles, a few birds if they were lucky and  all the local punks and skinheads


Times moved on, and Like most bands there came a time when enough was enough and in 1987 the Ejits last stand was performed, A farewell gig and a thank you to everyone who had bought the t shirts ,boarded the coaches, fought ,fucked, got pissed with the lads, jumped on stage jumped on the band and had the savage Craic.


Over 450 turned up and the night was deadly, a film crew were paid to capture it all for posterity, but of course, in true Ejit style they filmed the disco the support band, the bouncers and bar staff but forgot to turn the camera on for the Feckin Ejits themselves.


All that was captured is a few encores with the roadies singing and Dave the drummer with Alex on stage. The rest of the band  were in the audience grinning and dancing like loonies with the crowd, going out the way they came in with a noisy  100mph knees up…..1234 Ejits are go!!!



After the sad passing of Alex this year The Ejits have decided to take to the stage at The Great Skinhead Reunion in Brighton, to pay tribute to him and to have a good jolly up with loads of old friends.









Agent Bulldogg (Swedish Oi!))

Agent Bulldogg Started rehearsing in Thomas bedroom (much to his parents’ enjoyment) back in March 1986 after about half a year or so of talking about it, recruiting members and getting hold of equipment through various ways. After another year of learning, and a move to the legendary – in Täby anyway – Vita Huset (The White House) for rehearsals we played our first gig in the early summer of 1987. We played a couple of more gigs that year and also recorded a demo before original bass player Micke were replaced by Jens in early 1988. That line-up continued to play any gigs we could get, and also managed to record some songs who found their way onto a compilation album as well as recording our debut album – “Livsstil” (A Way of Life) – in 1990.



It wasn’t actually released until 1992 (on our own label) and by then Jens had left the band only to be replaced by Jarl. With this line up we played in Germany, Finland and Austria and also recorded our second album “Ett Tusen Glas” (One Thousand Glasses) – again on our own label – together with the new member Johan on saxophone and keyboards. When we released it 1995, Jarl had left and was replaced by Olof. We continued doing gigs, in Norway for instance, before original guitarist Andreas – more known as Bogh – decided that enough was enough and left. A friend of a friend’s friend then joined briefly, but that didn’t quite work out so Daniel stepped in for a while. However Olof moved to Switzerland and original drummer Magnus became both disillusioned and pre-occupied with his new job so he decided to leave as well. Olof stepped in to do some studio work and together with some help from a couple of other friends two tracks for the compilation album Brewed In Sweden were recorded and released 2002.

Thomas and Johan continued to write a couple of songs but with no other members available it started to fizzle out. However the band never officially broke up, so when a friend asked if we could play a couple of songs for his 40th birthday, Thomas and ex-bass player Jens teamed up with 3 members of Antipati to do so.

We got a few more offers of doing gigs so it just felt natural to continue with that line-up, although Reidar decide to leave due to other commitments a couple of years later.








Since then the band has played in Belgium, England, France, Germany, Poland and Spain as well as some festivals and other various gigs in Sweden, and also released a split 7″ with The Templars, contributed to a four band split (with Gimp Fist, Sandals and Booze & Glory) and released a new EP “Vi Är Tillbaks” (We Are Back…) on tour own label – as always. The current line-up is: Thomas (vocals), Johan (guitar), Robert (guitar), Jens (bass) and Thobbe (drums)

Agent Bulldogg are special guest at The Great Skinhead Reunion, and we will be all be helping them to celebrate Swedens national day, in Brighton, England June 6th -8th 2014

Skeletone Records shop, Rochester NH, USA

store 029.JPG Hello everybody!! We have a record & clothing store in Rochester NH that sells a wide variety of Punk, Oi! & Ska records & clothing. If you are not from the area we do have an online store we have just started up www.skele-tone.com or you can find us on facebook Skeletone Records add us as a friend we do mail order for anything you cant find on our website!!! If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them here or email us asskele_tone@hotmail.com.
We hope you like the store we work very hard to support the scene. Cheers!!!

The 3rd Great Skinhead Reunion, Brighton, 31st May- 2nd June 2013

Tickets available on the door, first come first served



bands confirmed  so far Too Many Crooks, Peter and the Test Tube Babies, booze and glory, the bois, The Two Tones Jenny Woo The Piranhas

The 3rd Great Skinhead Reunion Brighton England, June 2013.

The biggest gathering of Skinheads in the UK annual event. takes place over a full weekend in Brighton England, the birthplace of the Skinhead culture in the 1960′s. Going from strength to strength. Please take this oppertunity to secure early bird tickets. There will be a full weekend of entertainment and frolics, bang on Brighton seafront. check out last years event for the idea, if you havent yet been.

booze and glory logoTop Skinhead scene live bands Too Many Crooks  Booze and Glory, The Bois, The Two Tones more will be confirmed soon, our regular DJ’s will be holding the weekend together with guest DJ’s from the best in the world. .

Darren Bennett, Hit the moon and Official Madness DJ
Lee ‘Thommo’ Thompson MADNESS

Lee Evans DRC

Olas Boss Sound System

Terry Hendrick

Ska Shack

Bmore Mcvowty

mr dingaling and the steaming peanut,  Belgium

Sabrina Latina (Argentina)


Laura Littlejohn, (Scotland)
Chris Rudeboy watts

Madam Scorcher

keep an eye on this space for further details, as we get everything together, The Confirmed date is the first weekend  May 31st- June 2nd 2013, This event is pretty much guarenteed to sell out, so please take advantage soon. Tickets get you into the entire weekend of events. We can help with rooms for the weekend, subject to availability

Casbah Rockers Skinhead & Ska Special by Casbah Rockers on Mixcloud



trojan skinhead reggaeCheck out the photo Gallery

Keep the Faith , The Skinhead Reunion Team

This years sales are very high, and we strongly believe it will sell out in advance. Unfortunately due to limited capacity, there are not likely to be door sales on the evening entertainment venues


The Great Skinhead reunion Facebook Group


Tickets to this event are non refundable, unless the show is cancelled by the promoter



camping option http://www.ukcampsite.co.uk/sites/details.asp?revid=2756

Anyone coming from mainland Europe overland, the ferries nearest to brighton are Dieppe- Newhaven, and a bit further, Calais – Dover, Newhaven is about 20 min scooter ride, Dover about 1.5 hours. the cheapest company last year was http://www.norfolkline.com/, but worth checking what deals there are on. there is a bus being organised from Germany, and i know we have french, austrians and belgiums coming, so by all means use this page to communicate,

Casbah Rockers featuring Symond Lawes

Casbah Rockers Skinhead & Ska Special by Casbah Rockers on Mixcloud

Booze and Glory filming for new single ‘London Skinhead crew’

Please come along to the show and take part in the filming for the bands official video




Bootboys (Chile)


bootboys ” cervezas por todas partes”

Well our songs talk about beer, street, bars, fights, skingirls and experiences of a skinhead, our martens in the streets always stomping. And about our ever faithful friends (true friends).

The Barons

We formed in Wilmington Delaware the summer of 2005, a bunch of older guys who grew up listening to punk and oi. We were looking for a hobby where we could hangout and have fun playing music and drinking beer.
We played our first show in February of 2006. We book most of our own shows and run our own local record label ( neck records ) to help promote the mid-atlantic Oi! scene.
We have had various tracks released on european and american labels and our first full length album was released in 2008 on Motherbox Records (NYC).
Our original singer and a founding member Dusty ( Road to Ruin Delaware Oi! /Streetpunk ) moved to Tampa Florida in 2008 and we then rotated through a few drummers and singers until the summer of 2011 when
he came up from Tampa and played our last show to date. He moved back in February 2012 and we are writing a new album and playing starting in June.
We do cover songs occasionally but are an original band. All members except Wes have been in various Oi! streetpunk Oldschool punk and alternative bands since the 80′s.
We have played with ( Agent Orange, Murphy’s Law, The Wretched Ones, Tombstome Brawlers and many local and touring bands from England and The states).
We are influenced by 77 punk, skinhead reggae, real Hardcore (pre 85) 60′s garage and Oi!
Johnny thunders, Mc5, Sex Pistols, Cock sparrer, CH3, Scream, Gang Green, RADIO BIRDMAN, Saints, the freeze, small faces, SLADE, blue cheer, mott the hoople, the boys, damned, sham, VICIOUS RUMORS, Super Yob, Effigies, Blasters etc. If you need any information beyond this please let me know.
 Kurt ( Coach ): Bass, lead and backing vocals
 Big Wes: Guitar ( Lead )
 Dusty: Lead vocals and sweaty mess
 Mike: Drums
 Roger or Nick: Rhythm guitar backing vocals.
 Cheers and thanks for your support of the scene.
  The Barons ( Kurt / Dusty )