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    SONGBIRDS: PIONEERING WOMEN IN JAMAICAN MUSIC BY HEATHER AUGUSTYN RELEASED CHESTERTON, IND.—Songbirds: Pioneering Women in Jamaican Music by Heather Augustyn has been published by Half Pint Press and is now available. The book is a comprehensive look at Jamaican vocalists, instrumentalists, record producers, dancers, wives, mothers, and deejays who helped to shape the […]

Nov 07, 2014

Laurel Aitken

Let me tell you about Sally Brown . . . NOVEMBER 7, 2014   So I love me some Laurel Aitken, and I’m singing along in my car to Sally Brown driving down the highway and my son starts laughing. I’ve belted out these lyrics so many times I don’t hear them anymore, but my […]

Nov 07, 2014

Skinhead footwear survey, London school of fashion

Dear Symond,Thank you for accepting my request into the Skinhead Classics Group. I’m currently studying footwear design in my final year at London College of Fashion and am doing my final major project on the evolution of the rude boy and the skinhead subculture. I am looking in to consumers and specifically members or admirers […]

Nov 04, 2014

Skinhead attacked in Ramsgate UK

Colin Harvey aged 47 was attacked on his way home, late Friday night/Saturday morning 1am  1st November 2014 All he knows of The attackers, was a group late teens about 5 or 6 of them, Chatham Court, Station Approach road, Ramsgate.  Sherina ‘Rena’ Burke says.  One lad was about 6.2 the others about 5.6 /5.7 about 1am […]

Nov 02, 2014

Southall Skinhead Riots, A witness account

  Rob Smiths Account Friday, July 4th, 1981 had been a hot summer’s day in the Western suburbs of London. Late that afternoon, a small group of us took the bus from South Harrow to Hayes and met up with Hayes skins. From there about 15 of us travelled the short distance up the Uxbridge […]

Oct 28, 2014

Adam and the Ants

November 1980 Adam and the Ants ‘Kings of the Wild Frontier’ Tour programme – interview and reviews – Animals and Men – Human League The Cure – The Passions – The Scars – Another Pretty Face  Adam and the Ants: Kings of the Wild Frontier ‘Vague is growing a deserved reputation as one of the best […]

Oct 11, 2014

Jenny Woo

Bootgirl Power – By Jenny Woo When I was thirteen years old, I was miserable. I had acne, I had only hand-me-down clothing from my older sister (who was 3 sizes smaller than me), I had no friends, and worst of all, I felt like I didnt belong in any crowd. I was exposed to pictures, […]

Sep 28, 2014

The Feckin Ejits

  The Feckin Ejits were formed in 1982, a midst the full on punk skinhead scene in Aylesbury. England. The main venue in town being Friars had a regular stream of the top punk and 2 tone bands coming through, so it only felt natural a local band should get involved. Largely due to the […]

May 19, 2014

Mind of a Lion

‘they are heavy at the same time it is very melodic and well played shit so i think anyone who is not too one-way-minded would appreciate their songs’ … Adelina, Sweden Mind of a Lion 2014 tour     Autumn 2014. M.O.A.L Hit the road for a UK tour. From Manchester in the North to the Deep south […]

Mar 12, 2014

Teddy Boys 1950's

History of the British Teddy Boy and Culture A group of Teddy Boys admire the passing Teddy Girls on Clapham Common 1954. History of the British Teddy Boy Movement Teddy Boy Mike waits for his friend Pat on a cleared Bombsite, London 1955. The origins of the Teddy Boys go back to the late 1940’s […]

Feb 04, 2014