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Punk Rock. Malcolm Mclaren Artist, Fashion Designer (1946–2010)

QUICK FACTS NAME Malcolm McLaren OCCUPATION Artist, Fashion Designer BIRTH DATE January 22, 1946 DEATH DATE April 8, 2010 EDUCATION Harrow Art School,Croydon College of Art,Goldsmiths College PLACE OF BIRTH London, United Kingdom PLACE OF DEATH Switzerland FULL NAME Malcolm Robert Andrew McLaren SYNOPSIS EARLY LIFE LIFE IN MUSIC LATER CAREER RELATED VIDEOS Recording artist […]

Jun 29, 2015

Kings Road. London Punk Rock

The glory days of King’s Road       Proud Chelsea’s Sex, Drugstores and Rock & Roll: a History of the King’s Road is a new exhibition of photographs of King’s Road, Chelsea from the early days of the swinging 60s, right up to the end of the 80s. This picture shows a group of […]

Jun 29, 2015

Great Skinhead Reunion documentary DVD

Great Skinhead reunion documentary DVD, coming soon,.For pre orders click HERE preview clip 

Jun 17, 2015

Feckin Ejits Off the Feckin Head

Feckin Ejits New Album

Jun 10, 2015

Punk Bands - Xtraverts

  Xtr@verts biography; ‘Who sent the Boys’ ? In late 1975 a massive shake up within the music industry was emerging and with this came a teenage driven musical revolution, soon to be known as PUNK ROCK. If the ‘Kings Road London’ was the birthplace of punk then its younger brother the ‘London Road, High […]

May 25, 2015

An international trip to London, From Germany, by Thilo

An international trip to London Feb 2nd 2015 to Feb 6th 2015 At first I wanted to go to Rebellion Festival in Blackpool and the Great Skinhead Reunion in Brighton this year. But then my car broke and it had to be repaired. That was too expensive to realize these two trips to good old […]

May 04, 2015

Facebook deletes The Great Skinhead Reunion Group

It seems once again the corporate dictatorship, which is Facebook, has deleted our community group page, for no apparent reason. We at subcultz , have been building the Reunion event over the last 5 years, with no problems at all. We have successfully mixed all non political skinhead music genres together, and are seeing a […]

Feb 20, 2015

Strength Thru Oi! Fitness Experiment

In 1981, Decca Records released Strength Thru Oi!, a compilation album featuring 22 bands associated with the Oi! offshoot of UK punk rock. The title was reportedly a play on Strength Through Joy, an early LP by the Scottish group the Skids, though some charged curator Gary Bushell with co-opting a popular Nazi slogan. Bushell denied the […]

Feb 07, 2015

Feckin Ejits OTFH Album CD

Feckin Ejits Album. The first 100 people to order,and pay for their copy, can send their photo and have your image, a friends, old or new, put onto the sleeve. to be forever enshrined with the Feckin Ejits. Probably the greatest band of the 1980’s, that never made it to vinyl. (the pub got in […]

Jan 27, 2015

Great skinhead Reunion, Brighton England (Deutsch Übersetzung)

Tickets Great Skinhead Reunion 2015 in Brighton/EnglandDas komplette Line-Up und weitere Infos Das Festival-Ticket für 40 Pfund. Das Festival-Armband berechtigt Euch an allen Veranstaltungen und Konzerten an allen drei Festivaltagen teilzunehmen. Ob Ihr das tut, oder Euch nur einiges herauspickt, bleibt ganz Euch überlassen. Da die Veranstaltung im Vorfeld ausverkauft sein wird, gibt es keine […]

Jan 21, 2015