No Hopes, Berlin (Punk band)

No Hopes is a punk rock band formed in 2015 in Berlin. The band was founded by Checka (vocals) and some members, which were changing very fast during the year. In 2016 the band found its stability with Celia (bass), Fede (drums) and Josef (guitar). The members were playing in such bands as Street Criminals,Hangover Generation, Kötter and all coming from different countries, though chose Berlin as a place to live, with its vibrant Punk underground scene.
On the summer 2016 band played first shows in Germany and a mini tour in Netherlands and Belgium.
The music is aggressive, but melodic punk, with a slight touch of rock'n'roll influence, fronted with strong female vocals.
"No Hopes" as a name is not heading to some depressive thematic, but disclaims that there is no use for hopes, when there is no action. So the topics of the songs are mostly about taking responsibility of your own life,choosing the way and standing for it, politics reflected on the life of people and sometimes about a good big party, which always goes hand in hand with a well done show.

This is a band that will do well in the modern European scene, good energy, genuine punk with a message

A really good solid punk rock sound, fronted by the beautiful Checka Cecchini, A band we will be keeping an eye on

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Upcoming gig at Cortina bob Berlin