, skira reedOi! and Hello there! 🙂
So what special thing do I do?
I’m a self-proclaimed “artist”, that means I mainly make drawings.
Most of them black and white, everything around the topic “Skinheads” and other things I’m in love with!
I try different styles and always want to improve my skills….there’s still much to learn!
What has always inspired me can’t be different enough.
Great artists for me are for example the czech art nouveau artist Alfons Mucha and an artist most of you will now very well: H.R. Giger. (RIP)
So I try to find my own special way in drawing and it makes me really happy, to get asked a lot of times If my drawings can be used for tattoos for example.
I also drew some cover designs for befriended bands. And I drew the new logo from the german Oi! band “Teufelszoig”. (I don’t think you will know them but you If you’re interested, give it a try on facebook!)
Well I think I said enough, now let the pictures speak and If you like what you see, don’t hesitate to visit my art page on facebook:
Cheer’s and have a nice day!
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