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What a fantastic Skinhead reunion we  have achieved every year since 2011. The numbers rose to over 700, to make it a packed house. People were welcomed from across the globe, and everyone had a ball. The Great Skinhead Reunion, Brighton will be back 2-3-4th June 2017. Tickets Here

The Great Skinhead Reunion is now on its 7th year, a 3day weekender. People young and old come to Brighton from across the planet, to celebrate the Skinhead Subculture. The Event starts at noon each day. Dj’s playing the very best in Skinhead history music, from the early days of Jamaican Reggae and Soul, through punk, 2tone Ska and Oi!. After 6pm Live bands hit the stage to perform until midnight, then back onto aftershow DJ’s.

This is a family event, set on Brighton seafront, At the Volks bar, Madeira Drive, Brighton. The same place used in the filming of Quadrophenia, the beach that put Skinheads on the world map in the 1960’s Mod era, all are welcome. you dont need to be a Skinhead. Under 18’s are welcome until 9.30 due to licencing issues. 

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Bands so far confirmed for the Great Skinhead Reunion 2017 …

Vicious Rumours, Clerks featuring Arthur Kay,  The Scorchers, The Panic Report, Arch Rivals, Downbeat Detonators (Holland), The Bermondsey Joyriders, Sindicato Oi! (Brazil). Mr Clean,  . Out of Order (Canada). TICKETS HERE

The Great Skinhead Reunion, Brighton 2017

DJ’s confirmed for 2017 …

OLAS, Barry Bmore George, Lee Evans, Mick Jeffrey, Martin long,Terry Dyatt, Phil Templar (New York), Craig Mills, Roy Williamson, Gabor Fuxy (Dublin) Rob powell, Luc Milan (Marseilles), Glyn Wilcox

ARTHUR KAY…It was 50 years ago arthur-kayYesterday on October 3rd 1966 that I became a member of the next collection that became a top south London band.Starting off playing the youth clubs in The Streatham Brixton and Clapham area we soon built a massive following.sadly Kieron o Connor THE BEST drummer I ever worked with and guitarist Bob gibbons are sadly no longer with us.

50 years on and after all the knock backs and the usual record company and publishing rip offs I am still out there juggling. I have just finished an exceptional reggae/ska album with top German band Ska Band TheClerks. Like it or not; I ain’t going away.coyl.




More good news. We have designed T Shirts, are now distributing Music for bands, Checkout Subcultz Trader

The Release of The Feckin Ejits album, has been a fantastic success, with the first pressing almost sold out, We also have Citizen Keyne, Bermondsey Joyriders and Rough Kutz available

Oct 08, 2016

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Micky Fitz. A Legend of OI! RIP

Where do i start with Micky Fitz? Well i guess at the beginning. and for me it takes me back to a wild squat party in Brixton 1981, a few weeks after the riots.We had met some of the south London skins around London and had been invited to a skinhead party, it was in […]

Dec 02, 2016

Mid-80s London Jazz Dance scene

Joe Davis was part of the mid-80s London Jazz Dance scene, holding down a residency at The WAG and hanging out with legends like Paul Murphy and Gilles Peterson. He is probably most famous for being THE man that travelled to Brazil in search of records and brought that vinyl back, effectively birthing a London […]

Nov 05, 2016

EU Ban 2 Stroke vehicles. January 2017

  Following on from a recent directive from the EU commission, that all two stroke motorcycles and scooters were being phased out due to their emissions and fuel economy. Many motorcycle and scooter developers have already phased out their 2 stroke engine in favour of the modern built 4 stroke and have spent many thousands […]

Nov 05, 2016

Skinheads BBC, Don Letts

  Skinheads. Don Letts documentary. BBC When I first received an email from the BBC asking would I like to be involved in a documentary that BBC4 were putting together with Don Letts, my first thought was one of caution, I have done a few documentaries over the years, starting with George Marshall in 1994, […]

Oct 23, 2016

Jeff Turner and Gary Bushell on Oi!

The Cockney Rejects’ 1980 performance at Birmingham’s Cedar Club remains unnoted in the annals of rock history. It warrants no mention when music journalists compile the 100 Most Shocking Moments in Rock, nor the 100 Craziest Gigs Ever, which seems like a terrible oversight. In fairness, no one is ever going to rank the show […]

Oct 19, 2016